Wax Melts by Village Candle – 5 Scents Available


    Wax Melts by Village Candle
    Wax melts are for use in a burner, the wax should be safely removed once it no longer gives off any fragrance.
    Size: 2.2oz scored into 6 chunks
    Burn Time: up to 8 hours for one chunk
    Designed and manufactured in the USA
    High grade, food quality, paraffin wax
    Highest quality fragrance oils

    Black Cherry – Deliciously dark, this is your grown up cherry. Tart and tantalising, our Black Cherry is dipped in sweetest temptation.  Dive into this decadent discovery for an irresistible fantasy-fused scent so ripe with possibilities

    Cozy Cashmere – A cool breeze running through your hair, deep inviting woods, the creamy decadence of vanilla, and the beauty of lush white flowers. Blended together for a cashmere-like effect that’s completely comforting and so luxurious
    Creamy Vanilla – With universally loved vanilla as our star ingredient we decided to dive in deeper to what makes vanilla so irresistible… it’s warmth, it’s sensuous nature, it’s power to tease and tempt. And our vanilla goes even deeper with notes of sweet buttercream. It’s the height of deliciousness
    Pure Linen – This airy fresh fragrance evokes the pleasures of fresh laundered cotton and the prettiness of white flowers. Clean, delicate and effortlessly beautiful to ease you into your comfort zone
    Rain – Rain offers more than a scent, it creates a mood and invites the mind to reflect and embrace a quieter moment. We’ve recreated the pleasures  – and the poetry – of falling rain with fresh aquatic notes, fragrant bergamot and lily, and the warmth of amber to capture an irresistibly romantic fragrance.
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